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Many people like to read detective stories. Still would. When you read a detective, you feel a great detective investigating the bizarre and captivating crimes. You do not just read, you get inside stories, go behind the protagonist, trying to see what he had not noticed. To put forward their suggestions. And the more such books you read, the more likely to be right. American Thomas Harris also desperately loved detectives. Working in the newspaper "In the wake of police patrols," he was faced with crimes of varying complexity. Many stories were the basis of his detective novels. Harris Books are so reliable that they are sometimes referred to as a training tool for the investigation of crimes. When you read detective novels Harris, there is no sense that this could not be, and that the chief detective mysteriously thought: circumstances and some sixth sense came on the offender. But the accuracy does not diminish its history. They are surprisingly engrossing, and keep the reader's attention to the very end. If you are a fan of the classical detective story, be sure to pay attention to the work of our contemporaries of Thomas Harris.

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